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Sharing the love for sports can be a wonderful thing and lead you to achieve amazing goals. That’s how this website was born. The team behind our website is an ambitious one that took the sports enthusiasm to the next level, intending to create a betting platform convenient for most people.

Here, we want everyone to have fun and benefit from an easy platform. Aside from that, we also aim to have a customer service that meets the expectations of all users. Our team is friendly and skilled when it comes to bets, which is why we’ll be able to help you if you run into any problems on the site.

The players are the most important for us. Everything that we do, we do for you. Here, you will find your odds, bonuses, betting news, and many others. As such, you will have an advantage when making the bets. You will know everything that is going on in the sports industry right now and you will also have what it takes to create a strong strategy for your bets. We are here for you, and we hope you will love the time you spend on the website.

Our goal is to create an intuitive and convenient platform, a highly effective website available on both PC and mobile, for betting on all major basketball events in the world.

Hoopsbetz.com you will always find the latest basketball news, results & scores from NBA, FIBA World Championships, FIBA Asia & Americas Championship and Eurobasket and other major sports events that will help you make successful bets!

For your convenience we support a lot of different payment services. We are committed to responsible gambling.

Good luck and have fun!