Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to inform you of the way we use your personal information and the data you give us in order to run the site and maintain our relationship. All personal information that we receive from our users will be kept according to the Privacy Policy written on this page.

Personal Data and Why We Collect It

Personal data has to be collected from our users because this is how we can, in exchange, offer you our sports betting services. Because we have these services to offer to everyone signing up on Hoopsbetz, the personal data is necessary in order to fulfill our legal obligations for the license we have. Additionally, it is useful to potentially help the authorities if they need to investigate any criminal activity.

Furthermore, collecting people’s personal data allows us to better protect our site and services for any abuse or fraud. There are many risks that come with owning a betting website, and we want to make sure we will have the ability to safely do what we love to do. Therefore, protecting ourselves from fraud, promotion abuse or internet dangers is in our interest. Collecting personal data will also give us a better chance to ensure the safety and security of the services we offer.


This website uses cookies in order to collect certain information from an internet server. So, if you visit Hoopsbetz, we are going to collect cookies, and if you register and continue to use the site and our services, it means you agree to the use of cookies.

Just to make you aware of it, cookies have certain information that will be transferred to the hard drive of your computer, and they are very helpful to our website. Through cookies, we can help improve the site and possibly increase the number of services we offer as well. This is why we collect cookies in the first place, so if you agree to them, you are helping us build a much better platform.

Even if you accept cookies, you can still delete them later if you want. For instance, you can go to the folder where cookies are stored and simply delete them, or you can stop the cookie collection in the first place. With the latter, though, you may not be able to use certain services of our website after deactivation.

What Personal Data We Collect

The personal information that we collect from our users includes:

  • The answers you give on our surveys or questionnaires
  • Verification documents used to prove your identity and verify your payment method of choice
  • Personal identification information that you give us when registering on Hoopsbetz, as well as any other information you submit through either the site or by email
  • Information about your visits to the website, which could be site information, traffic data, weblogs, and many others
  • Contact information through the telephone, email, website or anything of the sort
  • Chat or telephone conversations that you may have with our customer service, which are recorded for security purposes and educational ones.
  • Transaction elements, like the financial accounts information you give us

It’s important to bear in mind that we do not always collect special types of information from you. We may only receive such data as long as you communicate a potential issue that you have with your betting.

How Do We Use the Data We Collect?

Your personal information is used in order to:

  • Do some research, analysis, and questionnaires
  • Making personal profiles to prevent any money laundering dangers
  • Tracking people’s transactions to help prevent any weird betting behavior, money laundering and/or fraud
  • Help create and run your account
  • Use identification procedures to be able to participate in betting
  • Make betting promotions, which includes online payments and card payments
  • Participate in games
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory plans that help govern the operations of the website

Before we are able to collect your data, you need to offer your consent. Once you do so, your personal information is going to be used to improve the site. Simply put, we will make changes to the website, and even add new offers and services over time.

Also, if you don’t want to get any marketing information from us, it’s possible and okay to leave the service. Later, you can re-consent if you want to get marketing information again.

How Long Will Your Data Be Kept?

Your information will be kept for as long as you are a customer, as we have the responsibility to retain it in order to meet the legal and contractual requirements. Overall, it will only be kept as long as necessary to fulfill the legal purposes.

If you wish to leave the website once and for all, then we will still keep your information for a little while. It may be kept for a couple of years, to have it in case any legal claims are made against us. It also helps us comply with our legal obligations, which is why we may need it for a while after you leave the Hoopsbetz as well.

Data Security and Confidentiality

We are very dedicated to protecting the personal data you entrust us with. We always make sure that all safety measures are up and working, so your data is not at risk of being stolen, and your funds are not in danger either.

Basically, we took multiple measures to make sure that our users can use the platform with no concern from a safety standpoint. We can reassure you that we use special technologies and other methods to make sure no unauthorized person is gaining any access to your data and using it in vile ways.

When it comes to your credit cards, the details are encrypted, and they are sent to our site only once over the Internet. Once the process is done, the data is stored in some very secure systems where they cannot be stolen from. It is in our interest to protect your credit card information from falling into the wrong hands.

Add that to the fact that Hoopsbetz uses proper encryption too, making sure there is no risk when submitting your personal information. We make sure that our safety measures are always working, and we do so by regularly checking them. Our experts know how encryption works and will always make sure you will use the site in a safe manner. We are also implementing a system that detects potential intrusions or attacks.


Do you have any complaints about our website and the way your personal information is being used? If that’s the case, you can easily contact us by email or send us a message via the live chat. The matter will be investigated properly so we can reach a nice, happy conclusion for both parties.

If you feel like the solution we found is not satisfying enough, then you can file a complaint to the national data protection regulator in your area.

Will Any Changes Be Made to the Privacy Notice?

As time goes by, we might make some changes to the Privacy Notice page to make sure you are always up to date with the way we collect, use, and secure your data. Therefore, it is crucial to check this page for any modifications before you submit your data to us.

Luckily, we will make this easier for you, as we will either notify you about major changes or simply feature the date of the most recent edits. It’s in your right to not agree to some or all the privacy policy changes we are going to make in the future, and that’s totally fine. You could stop using our services at any time, with no consequences.

On the other hand, if you decide to continue using Hoopsbetz and its services, it means you agree to the changes and will continue to send information with no issue.

What Are Your Obligations?

As a member of our website, you have agreed to provide personal information to us from the moment you sign up and start using our services. Because of that, you have the obligation to send true, valid, and accurate personal information. If any changes are made to your personal data, such as your address or telephone number, for instance, you should let us know about any of the changes, so our relationship could continue properly. We should always be up to date with your information.

In case we find out or suspect that you have, in any way, broken any of the rules or sent false information towards our site, we have the right to reject your registration application or terminate your account immediately. You might not be notified of the account termination. As a result, we are also not going to offer any compensation after your application is rejected, or your account is terminated. It is not in your right to receive this compensation after you have breached the regulations.