Basketball scores

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Basketball Scores: How to Use Game Scores to Bet Basketball

Unlike other American sports, points in basketball are easy to track. Every successful shot can be worth one, two or three points. In the NBA, the majority of shots are worth two and three, depending on which positions of the basketball court they are shot from.

During a game, players will usually focus on scoring both two and three-pointers. Meanwhile, if you are not following a game live, you can always look up the latest basketball scores match details for a quick update. All the basketball information you need will usually be available online and updated in real-time.

How Does Basketball Scoring Works?

Basketball scoring is very simple. You can either add points to your team by making field goals – worth two or three points depending on the position- or if a penalty is awarded and a player is making a free throw, the shots will be worth one point each. This is really how simple basketball scoring is.

On the other side, there is a lot of scoring information you will want to look up, including real-time scoring and quarter results. When betting at Hoopsbetz, it definitely helps to also take into consideration the win-loss records of team.

Another important order of business is looking up the basketball playoff results, especially if you want to bet on the final games of the regular National Basketball Association (NBA) season. Knowing the current standings will be a huge help for your online sports betting as well.

How to Read a Basketball Box Score?

The box score can tell you a whole lot about what’s happening on the field. Real-time game scores will seem a bit overwhelming at first, but reading the box is very easy. First, you will have the total score which you can understand without any trouble.

Beyond that, you will get minutes, field-goals made, field goal attempted, 3-pointers made, free throws made, and others. Why make it so complex? Americans definitely love basketball and they use complex statistic to follow the game. Of course, Hoopsbetz makes it rather simpler by providing you with tonight’s basketball scores and more!

You can get today’s basketball game scores in general to make sure you are not missing out on anything. Having access to all these recent basketball scores is always very handy especially when planning your strategy for any future basketball betting, so keep this in mind.

International Basketball Leagues and Cups Scores

Last, but hardly least, you will want to look up what is happening internationally. There are quite a few competitions out there and you will generally want to look up the European basketball league scores and FIBA basketball scores along with ACB results and LNB scores.

The easiest way to track all these developments is to use scores with tables. On some occasions, you will be able to look into other top basketball leagues and high-end events, such as the Olympic Games, World Championships and Eurobasket.

This does seem like a whole lot to remember, but here is the good news – basketball is so popular that you can get updates on competitive odds and the final results around the clock.

All digits are refreshed in real time, providing you with a fantastic opportunity to follow through with developments or place your basketball wagers right at Hoopsbetz.