NCAAB Betting Odds

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College Basketball Betting

Once you find some NCAA basketball odds, the cool thing is that you have the chance to bet on the matches in College Basketball as well. Since here at Hoopbetz we value betting enthusiasts, we want to ensure that you can always get the NCAA College basketball odds that you are looking for. After all, this is what could help you win bets.

For this reason, we want to provide you with the odds you deserve, which is why you will find them here and have the chance to compare them with each other. You should check out the NCAA men’s basketball odds here, as our oddsmakers are trying their best to bring them to you.

NCAA Basketball Odds Explained

If you’ve decided it’s time to bet on NCAA, then you must be aware of the right type of bet to make. You have many options, with the most popular ones being futures, over/under, total, point spread, and moneyline. Once you decide on what bets to make, you should check out the men’s college basketball odds.

How to Bet College Basketball Moneylines

With a moneyline bet, you can pretty much bet on who is going to win the game. The type of wager is simple, being probably the most popular one you are going to see for online sports betting.

So, when you bet on NCAA men’s basketball, you will pretty much have a favorite and an underdog. There is no handicap for this type of bet. All you have to do is choose who you think is going to win.

The odds will be different for each team. One of the teams can have, for example, odds of -250, while the other will have odds of +200. The minus sign is there to tell you how much you have to spend on an NCAA bet to make a profit of $100. So, if you bet $250 on the team with the minus sign, then you are going to make a $100 profit. It may mean that this team is the one with the better chance to win the game.

How to Bet College Basketball Point Spreads

Point spread bets are bets with a handicap. When it comes to college basketball betting, this has to be the most common way to do it. An NCAAB point spread will give similar scores to both the underdog and the favorite. Therefore, if you have two teams, one of them may have a +7.5 score while the other will have a -7.5 score.

The important thing to keep in mind here is that the team with the plus will be the one getting the number of points featured, whereas the other will have to give away the points. It doesn’t start from 0-0 like other types of bets, which is what makes it so unique. The team with the minus points will have to win by 8 or more points. So, if you want a more professional way to bet on college basketball, point spreads are a great way to do it. It may take a while to get familiar with it, especially if you’re new at betting.

How to Bet College Basketball Totals

Are you considering total betting? Well, you may be making the right choice if you want something more challenging than moneyline, but less challenging than point spreads. For NCAAB betting odds, oddsmakers will usually offer lines related to the total number of points a team is going to score during a particular game.

So, let’s say that the sportsbook gives a 135.5-point score. What you have to do is pretty much try to predict if the total number of points the teams will score will be over or under the score set by the sportsbook. In general, on both outcomes, you are going to see -110, but it may differ depending on where you bet.

If you think you are able to predict the total number of points teams are going to obtain throughout a game, then this is the type you should go for.

How to Bet College Basketball Futures

Futures bets are great, especially if you don’t want until the actual final matches to make bets. These bets are a little more special because they allow you to check college basketball odds prior to the finals starting.

You have to know that this is a long-term bet, and it will not focus on how much a team will score. It will focus on which team or player is going to win the award of the competition. To help you out, oddsmakers will usually look at the flaws and strengths of each team and try to figure out which one is more probable to win. It’s very challenging, but you will have a lot of fun.

Final Thoughts

NCAAB betting can be amazing. Now that you know what types of bets you can make on Hoopsbetz, you are ready to start gambling.