NBA Betting Odds


The Best Odds for Your NBA Bets

If you want to get into NBA betting, then finding all the odds from the leagues is crucial. It will increase your chances of winning and getting some extra cash. Well, we don’t want you to miss on NBA odds, which is why, on Hoopsbetz, you are going to find all odds from the league. As a result, it should be easier for you to do a comparison and use them to increase your winning chances.

It will also be possible to find NBA lines and multiple other things meant to help you be successful.

How Does NBA Betting Work?

Are you planning to bet on NBA basketball? In order to do so and win too, you need to know the most popular NBA bets that exist. They are:

  • Moneyline (betting on the team you think is going to win the NBA game)
  • Point Spread (where the prices will be similar for both outcomes)
  • Total (trying to guess if the outcome of the scores will be under or over the line the bookmaker offers)
  • Futures (guessing the winner of the NBA finals)
  • Prop Betting (bets that focus on a certain event in a game, like the number of points the teams will score)

How to Read NBA Betting Odds?

You should keep in mind that when you bet on an NBA game, odds can be expressed in different formats. One of these is Moneyline odds. When a team has this type of odds, it means that if there’s a -290 figure, you would need to use $290 to bet, which will give you a $100 profit, thus a total $390 return.

Decimal odds are referring to a format where you will have to take the stake amount and multiply it by the decimal odds price to see how much return you will get.

Lastly, with fractional odds, the odds are going to tell you how much return you could obtain over and under the stake amount.